How to Take the Tour

General Beauregard Oak, E.D. White Memorial Site

How to Take the Tour  

You can begin the driving tour from anywhere along the bayou in Lafourche Parish. Just pick a tour sign on the Home Page map (Google map) and click on it. You’ll see the tree’s name and address. Then under the list of “Tour Locations,” click on the tree’s name, follow the directions to where the oak lives, and read about the history of its location.

As you follow the oaks’ locations, you’ll discover facts and places that make Lafourche Parish distinct and interesting. You’ll also gain a clearer idea of what makes this area a special place to visit and to live. Enjoy!

Please remember as you take the driving tour that many of the oaks on this tour are located on private property. And unless otherwise stated in the description of each location, we ask that you not trespass to gain a closer look at the trees. Thank you.
All photographs and content ©William Guion, 2017.

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