Abby Oak

(From St. Patrick Street, drive 1.5 miles north on Bayou Road [Hwy 308] then turn right onto Abby Road. One block on your left is 101 Abby Road.)

Abby Oak, view from south side

The Abby Oak is listed on the Live Oak Society registry as #471. When registered by Mr. Leslie Daigle in the 1960s, it measured 22 feet 2 inches in circumference. In October 2016, Mr. Daigle measured it again at 24 feet 6 inches. It is probably 250 to 300 years of age.

The Abby Oak is located on Abby Plantation, a housing development that was carved out of a sea of sugarcane in the 1960s when three Thibodaux businessmen pooled resources to purchase the land from Southdown, Inc.  In the process, they saved several elder live oaks to be appreciated by future generations.

Abby Oak, view from north side

It was fortunate timing for Mr. Daigle and the other investors. Southdown was on the verge of diversifying its operations to begin a variety of other business ventures.

Abby Oak, vertical study

The Lafourche Live Oak Tour was created through the generous support of Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism. For more information on Lafourche Parish events and activities, visit their website at

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