There are several people, without whose help, this website and the entire Lafourche Live Oak Tour project would not have happened. I feel it’s important that they receive some recognition for their support.

First and foremost, I wish to acknowledge the board members of the Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism. They shared my vision of a tour of historic live oaks and provided the means to make the seed of an idea grow into reality. Thanks also to Marguerite Knight Erwin and John Lafargue for the original brainstorm session over coffee, at which they pointed me in the right direction.

A special thank-you to Jason Graham for his graphic design help and technical expertise with creating the project logo, signs, website, and brochure – Jason, it’s always a pleasure to work with you!

Another mega-Merci’ to the Ellender Memorial Library archivist (and interim library director) Clifton Theriot at Nicholls State University and the dedicated staff of the library archives where much of the research for this project was done. And as other sources of research, I’m much obliged to the many local historians whose stories and anecdotes helped breathe life into the photos on this website and the accompanying brochure – Robert Pugh, Philip Toups, Martin Cortez, and the Lafourche Heritage Society. Their passion and commitment to preserving the rich history of Bayou Lafourche are both an inspiration and a guiding light.

An especially large and heartfelt thank you goes to the Thibodaux Garden Club members and Lafourche-Terrebonne Master Gardeners for their love of the oaks, their ongoing horticultural support, and for introducing me to oak tree owners and caretakers throughout the parish.

Finally, thank you very much to the all of the property owners, live oak friends, and residents of Lafourche Parish who share my appreciation for the old landmark trees and acknowledge their importance to the culture and history of South Louisiana. As Pope Francis advised in 2016 – we are all stewards of the land on which we live and it’s our spiritual responsibility to care for and protect it for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

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